سبتمبر 22، 2011

The Copts and the Egyptian Revolution: My Speech at Saint Egidio Meeting Munich 2011

The Copts and the Egyptian Revolution
My Speech at Saint Egidio Meeting Munich 2011
Panel 5 - 12 Sept. 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m much honored to be here with you today.
I came from Egypt as a Copt to say how we feel as Copts and as a minority towards our great Egyptian revolution that stunted the world.

First let me say something about my experience with the religious and cultural diversity, I'm a Coptic Orthodox, I was of a protestant mother and an orthodox father, and now I'm a lecturer at the Anglican school of Theology. So I know exactly what it means to live in culture of diversity and I know how and what it means to accept and co-exist with different ideas. I'm also a Freelance journalist.
Now back to the revolution. I can assure you that every single Egyptian despite of his/her religion is very happy that the revolution occurred, it should have happened long time ago.
Starting from 1923 Egypt was a liberal country until the military coup of July 1953 which ended the liberal era and started a volatile era that still exists till today.
The current Copts suffering as a minority started in that volatile era, and affected their life till the moment, also affected their attitude towards the revolution.

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