يوليو 08، 2011

Thoughts on the Egyptian Revolution

In fact, I wrote these thoughts during the first phase of the revolution, and they were published as an article in: Limes: Rivista Italiana Di Geopolitica, Volume 21299, 1/2011, the famous Italian journal put this title: "Iskindiriyya Kaman W Kaman: Alessandria, La Rivoluzione E Il Desiderio Di Risorgere"

I wrote this article before the stepping down of Mubarak, I guess all what I predicted in the article is happening, few days ago I rewrote the article. It's the same but with very few changes.
Egypt is now in chaos.

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We have here a two-fold aspect of the case, the first is the political aspect, and the second part is the community aspect, this no one talks about.

So, I will start with the second: Chaos is the greatest danger is not when it permeates the streets, but when it acquires the minds, I think that now we should make a campaign to save the Egyptian mind from the chaos that haunted and apprehended it. The crisis has started in the Egyptian Mind ling time ago, but now it manifested itself in the greatest forms. Someone asked me: When will Nero (i.e. Mubarak) flees from Egypt? I argued: When the Egyptian mind flees from its crisis.

We are always talking about the corrupt regime, but deliberately forgetting that the Egyptian society is also corrupted. If we want to eradicate the system with all its symbols once  and forever, we have to start now in the liberation of  the society from the corruption that is bounded to the mind and the crisis that lies at the bottomBecause if this revolt frees us from the system without breaking us free from societal corruption and the crisis in mind, the next regime will be worse.

The Copts supports the revolution. It had to be done, but the president stepping down gave legitimacy to any group of people to go out and demonstrate against any incoming president to step down, therefore also become Egypt is not stable.

Photo Copyrights: Mina Fouad
Here we show the seriousness of the ex-banned group: Muslim Brotherhood: Certainly, we have had enough, especially of the last ten years the National Party and the regime and its followers, but this does not mean that we fall in the hands of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood or the Salafi group,

We want Egypt to liberal and secular.

Since the stepping down of Mubarak, the radical Islam took control of the streets, many attacks were launched against Christians, and Churches were burned.

All political movements in addition to the street and the opposition group agreed to overthrow the regime but could never agree among themselves on how to build a new system and there are many differences between them, which means that this may give way to banned groups like Muslim Brotherhood to jump on the seat of government, What happens in the street now confirms this.

While we should glorify the people's revolution, we should never ignore the dangerous game played by the brothers to take advantage of that revolution to jump on the seat of government.

I guess Egypt is going towards a radical Islamized regime.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint. The West does not get adequate information about the Copt perspective on these kinds of developments in Egypt.

    Jim Leonard

  2. Mina, I have lots of comments. :) Should I post them here or elsewhere..